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nishidaka_love's Journal

Nissy x Hidaka
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Welcome to Nishidaka_Love!
Community dedicated to shipping Nissy and Hidaka of AAA~

Now I am aware of the other Nishidaka Comm on here, but it is inactive and the maintainer would not allow a take over to fix and reactivate. Thus this community was born<3
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1. Be nice. Were all here for the same reasons. :)
2. All large photos must be placed under an LJ cut. Icons may have no more then 5 as a preview the rest must be under a cut. Wallpapers may have a thumbnail preview but full wallpaper must be under cut.
3. Keep it to Nissy and Hidaka only! If you wish to post about other memebers, please post to Attackallaround.
4. Use the tags.
5. I have made it an open community, You are allowed to member lock your post if you wish.But downloads must be member locked
6. Please LJ cut fanfiction's as well!
7. HAVE FUN :)

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A wonderful, and the best site to keep up with current AAA news, download latest appearances, magazines, and lives. But also a welcoming friendly community!